Why Premarital Counseling?

Counseling I remember hearing a story once of a couple who went to one scheduled premarital counseling session before their marriage. When the session turned to the topic of intimacy, the counselor just chuckled and said “Oh, you’ll figure that out!” and moved onto the next topic. Many of us... more

10 Steps to Improve Communication

Communication Communication with couples can be difficult. If you are struggling to communicate effectively with your partner, couples counseling has been proven to support improved communication between couples. 10 Tips for Healthy Communication 1. Stop focusing on what your partner is doing wrong and focus on what you could be... more

Perfectionism: “No One is Perfect… That’s Why Pencils Have Erasers!”

Counseling If you heard someone say, “I’m perfect”, you would automatically discount their word. They are lying. It is an impossible goal. So why are there so many perfectionists in the world? Many people I work with in therapy struggle with this issue, including myself! Our emotional brain says, “Strive... more

How To Communicate for Better Intimacy in Your Relationships

Relationship What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about having better intimacy with your partner? What do you think your partner would say? Men tend to think that intimacy refers to better (or more) sex, while women tend to look at a much broader context,... more

Adding Variety to Your Relationship And Why It’s Important

Relationship Relationships are a lot like ice cream flavors. Some relationships are pretty plain like vanilla, some are rough like rocky road and some are pretty exotic like mango kiwi lime. So many couples come into me for marriage counseling because they’re tired of having the same old ice cream.... more

Are You Headed for an Affair?

Relationship Carol and Greg had started out with a good marriage. They were best friends, they had a satisfying sexual relationship, and they had fun times together. The couple enjoyed about three years in this romantic stage, but then they began to drift apart. Drifting apart is the beginning of... more

Questions Worth Counseling

Counseling Don’t get married unless you and your partner have sat down with a counselor. You cannot assume you will be able to address issues as they come up after marriage. So many things are not even discussed while dating. So many feel that love will be all they need.... more

The Grand Adventure- The Unique Role of A Grandparent

Family I have been lucky in my life to have two sets of amazing grandparents. All four of my grandparents were able to make me feel like the most important, wisest, funniest, most special person in the whole world. Grandparents have a unique role to play in the lives of... more

Active Listening Exercise

Communication For years now, I have been teaching my patients the active listening exercise. Client-Centered Therapy When I attended Cal State Fullerton University in the late seventies and early eighties, while working on my Masters Degree in Counseling, we were expected to demonstrate competency in several different types of psychotherapy.... more

Relationship Alert! Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

Relationship Just as your automobile needs regular care and maintenance, so does your relationship. Many couples ignore warning lights and other signs that their relationship is falling apart and is in need of a service call. They know something’s wrong, but ignore the problem(s) thinking it will go away. Following... more