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What is Sex Addiction?

Sex The wife of a client of mine came to therapy for a session after she recently found out that her husband was a Sex Addict. She didn’t believe it! She asked me to explain how I knew that he wasn’t just a narcissist and this was a way to... more

50 Shades of Grey

Sex The recent popularity of this book has gotten people interested in erotic literature. There are many reasons that women are drawn to this book. What is all of the fuss about? First, 50 Shades of Grey is really a love story in a new context. The idea of bondage... more

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex Can it be awkward to talk to your spouse about your sexual needs? Absolutely! We all want to think that we have everything figured out sexually and that our spouses are completely satisfied. Many couples enter into a marriage expecting that things in the bedroom will just happen or... more

Sex, Sex, Sex

Sex Interestingly enough, those who come to therapy for relationship counseling, often do so because they are not having enough sex. But rather than being the first thing they talk about during that initial assessment session, it’s the last. And it only comes in response to a direct question: How’s... more


Sex Sex is not a race to the finish line. Remember to take your time and enjoy the moments leading up to sex. Giving yourself time can lead to a more satisfying experience. more

Take Time For Other

Sex It may feel like you don’t have time to take care of the family needs let alone, be intimate, but se is very important. Learn more in this video. more

Positive Moods

Sex In this video, Beth gives men one key to help them increase their sexual desirability. more

Healthy Benefits

Sex There are many health benefits to having sex. Listen to Beth talk about these benefits and how they can help you. more

The Kitchen

Sex Great sex can start in the kitchen. In this video, listen to Beth give Husbands a few suggestions on how to initiate sexual intimacy. more

Initiating Intimacy

Sex What can you do to initiate sexual intimacy in your relationship? Listen to Beth talk about how a woman can initiate intimacy. more